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Government   internet manipulation:


NASA, in order to survive, needs to confuse people and keep them convinced that everyone one the Earth sees the same moonphase each day...

You see, NASA's globe myth is based on one moon-phase, and if it was fully discovered that people on the southern rim see a moon -phase opposite of people on the northern central


Proceeding now with 'The myth of one moonphase'....


As you see in my video, people 'north' of the moon see the moon-phases in reverse as people in the 'south' regions.  This is based on plane common sense and is easy to understand. For instance, if the moon is seen lit on the right side by a person in a northern region, then if follows that a person in a southern region will see it lit on the left side.

However, false websites would have you believe that both these people will see the moon lit on the left side, which is of course impossible.

The full-moon in the north is a dark moon in the south.....

Now, this is where people get rocked and deny their own logic.. that if a person in the north looks in the sky and sees a full moon, since there is only one light source (the Sun), and since it is lighting the moon from the north for him on that day, then it logically follows that if a man in the south looks at the moon, it will be totally dark or a black, (new), moon.

Then people say, well no, this cannot be, because when you go to a moon-phase website it shows that moon-phases are always the same all over the earth. It says that if you live in Australia or other southern location that you'll see the same moon phase as the people in the north. But this is impossible. 

       Put a tennis-ball in the middle of your dinner table. Lay a flashlight on the table and have it shine on the right side of the tennis ball.

      Have a friend sit on the opposite side of the table. Ask him what side of the tennis-ball is lit, and he will tell you, 'the left side'.  You, on the opposite side of the table will see it lit on the right side. 

      This example demonstrates that people on the south, (outer  circumference)  part of the Earth-circle will see the moon phase opposite the people who live on inner  circumference of the circle.











( Keep in mind the illustration above shows the Sun and Moon larger than in real life, and in real life are only aprox. 30 miles in diameter.

Also, the Sun and moon locations change gradually on a daily basis. )


The simple truth is that if a Full -moon is seen from the Northern parts, then in the southern parts it has no choice but to be seen as a new or (dark) moon.  There is no 2 ways about it.

And, a half moon seen as lit on the right side, if seen from the southern side, will be lit on the right side, but from people in who live in the northern side, they will see the half moon lit on their left side. 


And I can see why NASA wants to keep saying and deluding people that people see the same moon-phase all over the earth, because their 'globe model'  depends on it..

So, NASA and related organizations spout out this lie regularly, and they have a few other tricks they use also:

'Mock' websites..

So, to demonstrate how the NASA and there false web-sites pull off this scam,  I will choose 2 countries, one in the north, and one in the south..  By 'north' I mean north of the moon's latitude of travel, which is aproximately '25 degrees north latitude'.  And by south I mean below the north 25 degree latitude. the example below I will pick 2 countries to demonstrate.

I will pick Russia which is for sure north of the moon, and Australia, which is for sure south of the moon:



A person in Russia who wants to investigate what moon phases are like in Australia, can 'google-search' for an Australian web-site.  However,he will be led to a false website posing as an Australian web-site.  It will even have the suffix (.aus) to make it look authentic. That website will also have listings of other countries and the 'Russia' listing will also show that Russia has same moon phases as Australia.

Conversely,  the person in Australia who wants to investigate what moon phases are like in Russia, can google-search for a Russian web-site,  and will be led to a false website posing as a Russian web-site.  It will even have the suffix (.rus) to make it look authentic.

That website will give the Australian 'investigator'  the information that the moon phases he sees in Australia are the same for the rest of the world. The website he thinks he reaches in Russia is not really in Russia at all, but is a website  posing  as a Russian web-site.

In other words, the people in the north get different websites than people in the south!

(In regard to moon-phases)...  I'm not really concerned about other types of web-sites here, only those that give information about moon-phases in this discussion)


At this point you may think I am mad or delusional,  but I am saying that people are  deluded by these false websites, and therefore they are in a delusion.

If you don't believe me, fine.  I'm just saying,  it's impossible  for people to see the same moon phase all over the earth each day.  It just doesn't happen... because some people live south of the moon, and when they want to look at the moon they need to look in a northerly direction,

And people who live north of the moon's circle of travel...if they want to see the moon, they need to look in a southerly direction. 

And since we have only one Sun, it can only light one side of the moon at a time. It cannot light 2 sides of the moon so everyone can have a full-moon that day!

Also, the Sun cannot 'hide itself' or 'go dark' one day each month so that everyone can have a new moon (dark  moon) one day each month.


At this point,  you may be asking, well surely the person in Australia could contact the person by cell-phone in Russia and verify if His moon phase is the same as the Russian. 

In most cases, this doesn't happen, and a person doesn't feel the need to do that.  Also, the Australian may not have a freind who lives in Russia and knows his phone number.

But if he did, and they found out and posted it on a conspiracy forum, no one would believe them anyway, they would just discount it as a foolish mistake of theirs.  And have a good laugh at them.  because we've been brainwashed for years that moon phases are the same all over the earth. And after all why do these silly fools think different?


At this point, you the Austalian may be asking,  "Surely,  I could go on a forum on the internet located in Russia and chat on it and discuss it over there"!

But I am saying that .... just try to join a forum in Russia,  you can't, because it's too far away. You can't connect. And if you do join one, it may be a phony forum set up by NASA for that purpose.


At this point you may be saying  "But this is the 'World-Wide-Internet'.  But I am saying that it is not World-wide and you can't just go all over the world on it.


It is more of a 'Fragmented Internet' . It is fractured and the servers do not connect all over the world.  That is pure fantasy.  Except you can go pretty far on maybe Facebook,  but even then, you can't connect with just any web-site you want in the world.

For instance, I was taking a spanish language course and I couldn't connect to the website in Spain.  Another time I tried to join the 'Flat-earth-society' forum, I could reach them, but they could never reach me with their e-mail so that they could confirm. 

And sometimes a video will be censored in other countries, or on a you-tube post, someone will explain 'the link doesn't work!'. etc.


At this point you may be asking,  well why would NASA want everyone to think that moon phases are the same each day all over the earth?

Because that is what there globe model rests on. If people found out that moon phases are different, NASA would be exposed and fall. Their game would be up.

Believe it or not!  I have 'laid the cards face up' on the table.

Call me a fool, and I'll just respond need to reconsider who we're dealing with... a well funded organization that brought us the phony moon-landings, and the phony mars-rover program.  They will stop at nothing to keep their racket going. And it is very lucrative for them, they get billions of dollars in government grants each year.

Lately, they have turned some of their space program over to private enterprise in the U.S. (in November 2018).


(I guess they didn't want to get thrown in prison for bilking the public tax payers all these years, and it was a 'hot potato' that they just couldn't handle anymore.) 

But, that's an entire different subject which I will not cover here.