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       Sun videos help prove  flat Earth...

Yes,  time-lapse-photography,  (TLP),  is the nail in the coffin of the propaganda deception...


These videos make it aparent that the Sun maintains a constant altitude close to Earth.... Time-lapse photography is the great tool that reveals this also reveals that the Sun is much smaller than previously thought.


The Sun is close to earth for sure, and these  videos make it very obvious.   The Sun is not 90 million miles away like NASA says, but it is 30 miles in diameter and 2,500 miles above the earth. 

As you watch the Sun in these videos, notice how the Sun 'skims' over the surface of the earth, and maintains the same distance from the earth at all times.

Notice how the Sun gets larger as it comes towards you and gets smaller as it moves away from you. This is clear evidence that it is 'skimming' over the surface of the flat earth and maintains the same altitude.

Sunrise / Sunset  video  in  Bristol

Flat Earth Proof 15 - Sunrise, Sunset

Timelapse photography reveals Sun is close to Earth

Time lapse Sunset

Sun and Moon are below the dome, proving Flat Earth

Flat   Earth    College   # 6

The Sun is SMALL 100% UNDEBUNKABLE PROOF ( easy experiment )

Flat Earth Sun is REAL (Proven Easy Experiment) 2016

THE most undeniable proof of the Flat Earth SUN