Moonraker's  Video

Seems like nonsense? Let me explain


     Please realize that the Moon and Sun shown on the video are enlarged to show how the moon phases form. If I did not enlarge them, it would be impossible for you to see them, because they would be too small.

    So, on my video, it appears that the Moon and Sun are 4000 miles in diameter, but they are not. In actual reality, they are only 30 miles in diameter. This has been proven using a device called a 'Sextant' which is used by ships at sea.

    So, this specification makes a big difference when trying to interpret the video. If you think the Sun and Moon are really 4000 miles in diameter like the video shows, then you will see that in some places you would see a full moon every day, or in some cases you would see an eclipse every day, or some other erroneous conclusion. 

    Sometimes I think I should have made my video with Sun and Moon actual size, so people wouldn't get confused by it. But if I did, all you would see is a circle of light going around every 24 hours, and you would not see the Sun or Moon at all... they would be smaller then the point on a needle.

    Also, the reason I made the Sun and Moon so large is for showing that Moon Phases are possible on a Flat Earth, and how could I prove it if you could not see the Sun and the Moon on the Video, and see the Moon phases changing in front of your eyes?

    And why is it so important that I prove these moon phases are happening on the Flat Earth? Because if I didn't prove it, then people would say to me, 'The Flat Earth is not possible, because Moon Phases are not possible on a Flat Earth'.

    So, then I'd have to make the same video all over again to show that Moon Phases are possible on a Flat Earth. 

    But, getting back to proper interpretation of my Flat Earth Video showing the Sun and Moon traveling in circles.... I proceed in the following points..

    I am not a professional writer, so please excuse my grammar if it is incorrect, but I will do as best I can.

Points to consider:


     Everybody sees the same size of Moon and Sun. But some people live in colder areas because the Sun does not pass over them, or the Sun does not pass very much near them, but stays relatively far away.


     For instance, you can see that if you live near the outside rim, (circumference), of the circle, that it will naturally be colder,  and when you do see the Sun, it will always look smaller because it's always going to be farther away from you. So it will pass by you, but for a shorter period of time, because it is farther away where you live.

Same with the Moon, it will always look smaller if you lived there too. (Near the outside rim), because it would never come close enough to look bigger to you.

    Also, living near the outer rim, when you do see the Sun, and the Moon, they will always pass in front of you from right to left. Why? Because the Sun travels around the Earth in a clockwise motion. That is proven by web-cam videos if you care to research. But, fortunately, I have done the research for you, so you don't have to do all that. Besides, there are not many web-cam videos to look at, and they are hard to find.

     Now, let's say you lived near the Center point of the circle (near the North Pole), the same would happen, as the Outer rim above... The Sun and Moon would look smaller, and it would be cold living there, but you would see them,(the Sun and Moon), much longer time because it would be circling around you, with you in the middle. In fact, sometimes, depending on the season of the Year, you might see them all day, and there might be daylight most of the day, although it would be a dim light compared to if you lived in Australia, or some other place near the Equator.


    Also, instead of the Sun passing from 'right to left' like the example above, you would see the Sun traveling in reverse direction, (from 'left to right'), and this would again prove that the Sun travels in a clockwise motion like my video shows. 


   Also, if you do research with weather cams, the right 'weather cam video' can show the same phenomena. And if the Moon happens to show, you will see the Moon moving in the same direction as the Sun. But is hard to find a weather cam to prove all that, because it might not be turned on all day, or it might be facing the wrong direction or whatever.

   So, you could also find a suitable video from a friend, or youtube. That's what I did, because I knew that I could prove it if I had two videos, one from near the North Pole, and the other one near the Outer rim, (Antarctic Circle).

    Well, at least I proved it to myself, and maybe not everybody, but a lot of people I'm sure.

    That's really big proof, this thing of the Moon/Sun both moving right to left to people in the Southern parts near the outer Rim, and and both moving left to right to people living near the Arctic. And the only way to explain it is that the Earth is flat.

     How else are you going to explain it?  You can't come up against this simple evidence with a rational refute.

And here's the video, watch it, and see for yourself. This video proves it:

It's just like playing 'Tether-ball',  if you're opponent hits the ball clockwise', if you were to stand near the pole and look outward toward your opponent, the ball would pass in front of you from 'left to right',  but it will pass before your oponent 'right to left' because he's facing you from the opposite side.

It's as simple as that.  Try and do that on a Globe! You can't, it can only happen on a Flat Earth.  

And that's what happens on our Earth. The people living in the outer portion of the circle (south of the equator) see the Sun moving from right to left,  and the people who live in the northern part of Earth (north of the equator) always see the Sun moving left to right.

If you don't believe me then call your freind who lives there and ask him. That will prove it to you.

Or look on YouTube or some place that has videos of stop action photography of the Sun in southern countries, and then compare them to stop action photography of the Sun in northern countries and you will see that I am right.

Or look at my video I just put again, and I'll show you the videos I found.  One from the north, and one from the south.

My Conclusion:


We live on a flat disk shaped Earth, and the Sun and Moon circle in a clockwise motion above us.