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Questions for the beginner

Question-  If there is no continent of Antarctica, then why have people say they've gone there?

Answer-  They have merely gone to a phony tourist site near there, one that is set up to dupe the average civilian.




Question-  If the earth is really flat, how come many photos show from high altitude show a round surface?


Answer-  This is well known-  It is caused by curved camera lenses and curved windows on air-craft.  When a person uses a camera to take photos, he has the choice of using a flat lense or a curved lense.

Many people like the curved lense because it takes in more of the scenery.  However, curved lenses also mis-represent the earth, and put a false curvature on it.  This curved lense has been used extensively by NASA to fool people.

Also, if you go up high enough, you will see a curve, but it is because the flat surface of the earth is shaped like a round 'pancake' or 'frisbee', and eventually if you get high enough like in a balloon photo, and you are near the edge of the earth, then of course it will look slightly round, but that is because you are seeing the round edge of the flat -earth.

Question-  If the earth is flat, wouldn't ships fall off the edge?

Answer-  No, because earth is covered by a plasma dome which cannot go through.  Also, the edge of the earth is surrounded by a wall of ice 200 feet high.




Question-  If the Antarctic continent does not exist,  can't someone fly over there and take a picture to show us all?


Answer-  No, it is  'forbidden'  air-space and only special opps can fly there. No one is allowed to the outer edge of the earth except military forces.  Even the military forces don't know why they are there, they are there simply as a 'protective' police force.



Question-  If the earth is flat, how come there is a 'Sun-rise' and a 'Sun-set'


Answer-  This is illusion caused by the law of perspective,  but in reality space always travels in a straight line.


Question-  Your video shows that a full moon in the middle of the day, during daylight,  how can that be true?

Answer-  This is a well known phenomena and is very common...

Here are some images I got from 'Google Search Engine' :

Question-  How does the moon stay in space without falling down?

Answer-   A plasma dome covers the earth.... This dome is very strong and within it are contained the Moon and the Sun.  They can move inside the dome to a certain extent, but are restricted by the dome from falling to earth.  Dome-

Question-  If the Sun and moon are shaped like a ball, shouldn't the earth be also?

Answer-   No, that is a fallacy propagated by the NASA organization.

The planets are merely lights in the firmament, (dome above our- earth).     

The planets that NASA shows you are merely fake representations of planets, and do not really exist... They are computer generated.

Question-  If the planets in space are shaped like a ball, how come the earth isn't shaped like a ball?

Answer-   There are no planets in space, that is another fallacy propagated by NASA.  Planets are really just 'lights' in the plasma dome.  They are able to move, however, they are still merely lights to mark the position of ships and date setting. 

The planets you see on t.v. and magazines are merely computer-generated images, again, mostly by NASA.

Question-  If there are no satellites in space, then how does NASA get it's satellite images?

Answer-   NASA uses high flying aircraft, like boeing... and also they use weather balloons to go up very high and take photos of the earth.  Then they put the images on t.v. and magazines and tell everybody that they're satellite images.

Question-  If there are no satellites in space, then how come there is satellite t.v. like Dish Network ?

Answer-    Again, another fallacy propagated by NASA.  They use 'Cell phone Towers' .  By the way, have you notice the increase in Cell-phone Towers everywhere?  They are not just for Cell Phones, they are for 'Satellite TV'  also!

Question-  How come NASA lies to everybody about the facts?

Answer-   They lie out of embarasment .  They want to look strong and in controll, but they can't even understand how the Sun and Moon inter-react over our flat earth.  And of course they get huge money for nothing.... billions of dollars for each sattelite they never send up.

Question-  What about the moon, didn't NASA land some men on the moon?

Answer-    No, they've been caught at faking all that, using a 'movie set'  and since then have hid and destroyed all the records.

                 They also didn't go to mars, in that instance they were caught merely filming Arizona land-scapes, and then tinting the film in red to make it look like Mars (since Mars is supposed to be red in color).

Question-  What about all the space shots from Cape Canaveral, didn't those rockets go into space?

Answer-    No, if you watch those videos, you will notice the rockets they sent up always veer off to the side, they never go straight up.  They veered off to the left and then when safely out of sight, splashed into the ocean. They might have told you there were astronauts inside, but of course there were none.

If the Rockets had gone straight up, they would have crashed into the plasma dome which covers the earth. NASA knows about this very well, because they tried it before and were never able to get through the barrier.

Question- O.K.   I got it... If a person lives north of the moon, therefore he needs to look in a southerly direction in order to see the moon. O.K.  I got that part, but couldn't he look in the northerly direction and see the moon over the north pole?

Answer-    In most cases, no, because then the moon is too far away to be seen...

As you know, space closes to a point in the distance.  This is what we call the 'horizon line'.  The horizon for any person on earth is, I would say, 20 miles.  (the earth's horizon from the ground view).

Since the moon is at an altitude, you can see it farther than the horizon line,  maybe  10,000 miles at most.

Also, realize that the moon is only 30 miles in diameter, and at far distances shrinks to a very small size, just like any other object.

So, even if you went up in a baloon 30 miles high to see the moon, if it were far away at that time, you still might not see it unless you used a telescope.

Question-  What does the earth really look like?

Answer-   Something like this....

The flat disk is the part that we live on.  

The dome covering is of 'plasma'.  Inside of it are all the stars and planets. Stars and planets are not really 3-d objects, but are merely 'lights' in the firmament.  This is easily confirmed by a balloon 30 miles high, there are no stars or planet seen up there.

Stars and planets are merely 'reflective elements' located inside the plasma dome covering the earth .  They have no light of their own, they merely reflect sunlight!  There are no stars or planets in space.

Proof... video 

Like clouds above may reflect the light of the Sun at dawn and at dusk, these reflector 'stars' are very high above, and are able to reflect sunlight even at late hours...and  throughout the night. 

This is possible because the 'stars' are 2000 miles above the earth, they are still able to reflect the sunlight, much as clouds above the earth at dusk and dawn.